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Posted on: May 31, 2008 9:07 am

And no I'm not talking about what adoring fans yell as the great Bruce Springsteen sings Born to Run in a concert in the Meadowlands. I'm talking about Jay Bruce of the Cincinnati Reds. He has burst onto the scene this past week in Cincinnati and has lifted the Reds within 3 games of a .500 record.

He hit 4-5 last night and he is hitting 8-14 overall with 3 doubles and 3 RBIs. He's also stolen 2 bases. And all of this has happened in 4 games. Now this is all just a lot of hype. But imagine this, in a few years the Reds could have a power house with Encanarcion, Keppinger, Phillips, Votto, Harriston Jr., and Jay Bruce. I mean in 5 years we could be filled with all stars.

And in the mean time we'll just have to sit back and wait for the good times to get here. But, I think they're slowly starting to come back. Last night we had attendance of over 37,000. Just about 5,000 short of a sell out. And the numbers should keep growing as this beautiful weekend progresses. And I'm glad to say that I already have my ticket reserved for Sunday's game, and series finale against the Braves!

Sorry that this is my first post in a while. School became so busy with tennis and exams!


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